Welcome to ThaKnockOutKingz Clan

Welcome to (KOK), the KnockOutKingz Clan...


To the members:

     Sponsorship and colors will be given depending upon activeness in the (KOK) forum and Street Fighter Online and special events and activities (this goes especially for the new members who have joined (KOK)).

     We will be paying attention to the SFO high score list and the (KOK) forum.  Let me remind you... please do not bug me or any other admin about sponsorships and/or colors.

     More activities, tourneys, and other special events will be coming soon.

     And... most importantly... Thank you for choosing the KnockOutKingz clan.  biggrin.gif



Welcome to ThaKnockOutKingz Clan


Leader - Jin3232

Co. Leaders - Shadow-ryu & Ho-oh

(KOK) Champion - (KOK)Killer024